MAF Capsules, MAF Sprays and M-Lollies are approved as food supplements in Ukraine.

Saisei Pharma plans clinical study of oral MAF in COVID-19 patients details were featured on some website.​

"OSAKA, Japan, May 6, 2020 -- Saisei Pharma today announced plans to initiate an international clinical trial. The decision is based on published preclinical evidence, preliminary reports from independent studies and is supported by data of the safety and efficacy of oral MAF in conditions that require the involvement of macrophages as the front line defense in innate immunity. Prior studies have indicated that oral MAF can activate macrophage activity at least three-fold within a few minutes after application."  →Read more

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Macrophage Activating Food MAF Series

Immune activating MAF series
The natural food extracted from colostrum and cheese will help boost the immune system by activating immune cells without any side effects. This anti-aging support food is for those who would like to stay young and healthy. The MAF series is made with natural ingredients and produced in our GMP Certified factory (Certification No. 26518) in Osaka.

“Health Food Products”
Saisei Mirai

Saisei Mirai’s immune activating food products are very safe and made from natural ingredients.”

Free from

Wheat, soy, egg, rice, gluten, starch, sugar (excluding M-Lollies), hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, artificial colours.

Easy to take

1 Colostrum MAF capsule contains 1 mg of Saisei Mirai’s unique MAF (Equivalent to 100 ng of Macrophage Activating Factor) Colostrum-MAF™.

Produced in GMP Certified factory in Japan

MAF Series products are produced in our Saisei Mirai GMP Certified factory (Certification No. 26518) in Moriguchi, Osaka, certified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan.

Very unique MAF

We have developed our very own unique MAF (macrophage activating factor) using our patented method. MAF helps boost the immune system by activating macrophages without any side effects.

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