Research papers

Development of colostrum MAF and its clinical application
Case Report: GcMAF Treatment in a Patient with Multiple Sclerosis
Macrophages Exhibit a Large Repertoire of Activation States via Multiple Mechanisms of Macrophage-activating Factors
Case Report: A Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Patient Treated with GcMAF, Sonodynamic Therapy and Tumor Treating Fields
Degalactosylated/Desialylated Human Serum Containing GcMAF Induces Macrophage Phagocytic Activity and In Vivo Antitumor Activity
Clinical Experience of Integrative Cancer Immunotherapy with GcMAF
Establishment of a Macrophage-activating Factor Assay System Using the Human Monocytic Cell Line THP-1
Oral Colostrum Macrophage-activating Factor for Serious Infection and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Three Case Reports
Case Report: A Breast Cancer Patient Treated with GcMAF, Sonodynamic Therapy and Hormone Therapy
Evaluation of the Sonosensitizing Activities of 5-Aminolevulinic Acid and Sn(IV) Chlorin e6 in Tumor-bearing Chick Embryos
GcMAF: our next-generation immunotherapy
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