The immune system

MAF Series activate Macrophage.​

Colostrum MAF has been in development for more than 10 years. It is a macrophage activating food made from bovine colostrum powder.

Macrophages are a type of white blood cell or leukocyte.

Macrophage are activated by MAF. Macrophages are present in the body of all living beings. Every day we protect our bodies with “immunity”.

■The immune system

The immune system is a system to keep your body healthy.

The immune system protects the body from bacteria and viruses and also eliminates cancer cells.

However, the biological function and physical performance begins to reach a peak from the age of 20, waning by half in the 40s.

As the immune system weakens with age, it becomes easier to get sick.

So it is important to keep boosting your immune system and keep it young so that you can lead a good long life.

■What happens when your immunity weakens?

Suddenly, it becomes easier to catch a cold but more difficult to get rid of it. Before, you could recover from your tiredness after a good night’s sleep. But now, you are still tired the next day. This may indicate a weakened immunity. When immunity weakens, it may cause the following symptoms.

【It becomes easier to catch a cold or the flu.】

When a person’s immunity weakens, the ability of immune cells to fend off foreign substances such as bacteria and viruses decreases, and he/she becomes more susceptible to diseases, such as a cold or the flu.

【It is easy to get tired but difficult to recover.】

When a person’s immunity is weak, it takes longer to recover from mental and physical exhaustion and feelings of tiredness remain. Immunity is also affected by stress and tiredness.

【It is easy to get a mouth ulcer.】

When a person’s immunity is weakened by stress or tiredness, it is easier to get a mouth ulcer.

【Allergy symptoms】

When a person’s immune system is not functioning properly, his/her immunity becomes over sensitive. While it should “protect the body against foreign substances such as bacteria and viruses”, the body even reacts substances that are not foreign bodies, resulting in allergic symptoms.

【Wounds don’t heal as well as before.】

When a person’s immunity weakens, wounds heal slower. Immune cells are also involved in healing wounds.

【Cancer risk】

It is said that thousands of cancer cells are born every day even in a healthy person.

When a person’s immunity functions properly, the immune cells detect the cancer cells and prevent their proliferation. However, if immunity weakens, the function of the immune cells also decreases and the cells may be unable to suppress the proliferation of cancer cells.

■So what is “immunity”?

Immunity does not just “protect the body from foreign substances such as bacteria and viruses.” Immune cells are also actively involved in restoring a person’s skin to its original condition by closing a wound at the time of injury, and in curing a cold or the flu.

Immunity is involved in various activities, such as repairing injured cells in the body, promoting metabolism, as well as preventing body function decline and cellular tissue aging. For the immune system, white blood cells are composed of various immune cells carry out most activities.

■Macrophages, one type of immune cells

One type of immune cells are macrophages. These are a type of white blood cells. They exist in the body of all living things and play an important role in keeping our body healthy.

Macrophages are the ameboid cells that play a central role among immune cells. They ingest and breakdown bacteria and viruses that have invaded the body, as well as foreign substances such as cancer cells.

When bacteria and foreign substances are detected in the body, macrophages, which are phagocytic cells, begin eating those substances and at the same time, send signals to other immune cells alerting them about the existence of foreign substances. Other immune cells which have received the information also begin to respond to the foreign substances. Pus from a wound and nasal discharge occurring when the body tries to overcome a cold, etc. are the result of immune cell activity.

【1. Infection prevention】

Macrophages are present throughout the body. They patrol the area, looking for things which are not needed for a healthy life. When unnecessary substances such as“cancer cells”are identified, or when “viruses” and “bacteria” invading the body are detected, the macrophages capture them inside their own cells and perform a series of tasks such as “attack”, “decomposition” and “digestion” to prevent infection.

【2. Commander in chief of immune cells】

Macrophages are one type of immune cells. There are many other immune cells as well. Macrophages demonstrate effective versatility for various diseases. However, sometimes other immune cells may be more effective. In such case, macrophages function as “commander in chief,” instructing other immune cells to fight infection.

【3. They also are involved in beauty.】

Immunity has the power to calm inflammation of a wound and provide healing in the event of injury. This healing power also works to keep our skin and hair beautiful and youthful. This is an interesting function for people concerned about beauty, isn’t it?

■Improving immunity strength

Activation of macrophages is thought to occur in stages.

【Activation stages of macrophages】

1. The condition where it is not possible to immediately fight, even when pathogens have invaded the body.

2. The condition where the body can shift into a stance that is ready to fight as soon as pathogens invade the body.

3. A defensive stance where pathogens are confronted and tasks such as “attack”, “decomposition” and “digestion”.

* Condition 2 is called the “priming state.” To maintain good health and abundance of macrophages at this activation stage is desirable.

【Specific substances activate macrophages.】

One of these substances is called MAF (Macrophage Activating Factor).

MAF activates macrophages and prevents infection by carrying out a series of tasks, including “attack”, “decomposition” and “digestion”, against viruses and bacteria that invade the body, and cancer cells.

*This series of tasks may cause an inflammatory response, leading to fever, etc.

■Up to this point,

what happens when immunity is weakened and what activities are performed by the immunity system have been explained. Within this, macrophages have been described as playing a very important role, and there is a substance which activates macrophages in particular.

Based on our collective study achievement, MAF series products that can be expected to be effective in activating macrophages.

With regards to macrophage activating substances, there are many ways and various things exist in this world.

One of the features of the MAF series is that it leads body to prepare for fight without causing an inflammatory reaction when activating macrophages.

We strive to develop products which will help to support the immune system without any side effect.

We are thinking about how to help you be healthy every day.

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